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Outer Banks North Carolina Fishing Reports

Water still a liitle cold

Water still a liitle cold Had a great morning with fishing buddy Marc Kerns looking for some fish around Oregon Inlet. The water still a little cold, but maybe the sun will shine some this week and warm things up. I'm ready to start catching some fish. Otherwise, it was a beautiful day on the OBX.
Striper are still here & you should be too

Striper are still here & you should be too

Great fishing again this past week on the Outer Banks. My best trip was with John Barlow and his crew. It was a beautiful day and just a little breezy in the afternoon. We were one of the first boats on the fish that morning before the fleet showed up allowing us a good head start. We didnít have any huge fish, but several in the low 30ís and most in the 20 pound range. We caught our limit and released everything else, alive. I did hear of several fish in the 40ís and a 54 lb piggy caught on Capt. Arronís boat.  It was a tough day of fishing, as the fish must have been feeding on the full moon. We spotted several schools of Stripers on top feeding on small glass minnows, but it was hard to get them to bite. We did release several fish that were 28-30Ē to grow bigger and hopefully catch several years from now. We trolled for most of the day with mixed success, but had no luck jigging. With the cold weather still around, I think we have a few weeks left before the Striper bite is done. I do have dates open and starting to book spring and summer charters.

Slow fishing but big fish

Slow fishing but big fish Due to up coming bad weather, I fished a day early with Russ & his sweet wife Mary. These guys fished with me last year when they boats over 40 fish one day. Today started out with losing the first two fish, but Russ bounced back with a 41 lb piggy that was released. Next Mary landed a nice high 20lb fish. We ran thru several more marks that day, but the fish just wouldn't bite. Then we got visited by the USCG again. After that, we were on the hunt again, but came up empty as did many boats in the afternoon.  Thanks Russ & Mary
Ed & Bill in the meat.

Ed & Bill in the meat. The first time these guys were suppose to fish with me, they got snowed in at home. Then when they come up here, we get snow. What's up with that. Anyway, in not the best conditions, these guys pulled in some nice fish. Bill did have to show up Ed with a double catch, but I think Ed caught the bigger fish. Thanks guys
The Striper bite has been HOT

The Striper bite has been HOT

The Striper bite has been hot and heavy until Sunday when it almost shut down. I'm sure several days of trawl boats action up and down the beach caught a good portion of the fish. Sunday, after a long run to the south and back, we finally found some fish a few mile south of the inlet. When I first set out, we had three poles bend over at once. It was a very nice surprise after riding several hours looking around . A few more bites after that  and the it was done. We went looking again, but struck out. We did mange to do better than a lot of other boats that caught zero. Maybe after a few days of no trawlers, the fish will school back up and we'll get back to some great fishing. Thanks to Travis Gillard and his crew for the patience they show during our boat ride.


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