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Outer Banks North Carolina Fishing Reports

Past due report

Past due report Sorry for not getting any fishing reports up lately, but  my computer is down and its has been a huge problem. Anyway, the fishng has been good most days. In the sound, its been Bluefish, Croakers, Flounder, Trout and few other bottom fish. Haven't seen many Red Drum so far. Outside the inlet, its been Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel. Offshore, the Tuna and Dolphin bite has been steady all summer, with a few Wahoo  too. The past several weeks, the billfish bite has been crazy, with some boat getting as many as ten a day. Give me a call and lets go catch some fish.
Evening trips are the peaceful & sometimes rewarding

Evening trips are the peaceful & sometimes rewarding Out for an evening trip and conditions were looking good, fishing wise, but it just didn't pan out.  We tried live bait fishing with no luck, so the next option was Bluefish, which was also slow. We did mange a few small ones, but had a beautiful susnet.
Sunday afternoon was slow

Sunday afternoon was slow Was out in the afternoon with Chris and his crew with not a lot going on. A few Bluefish trolling and some small Croakers, Pigfish, and Sea Mullet bottom fishing was it. It was fun, but the fishing could have been better, but thats how fishing is. Thanks guys.
Catching an AJ is work

Catching an AJ is work Headed out with Justin and his dad Sunday to some near shore wrecks on a 3/4 day trip and found some hungry Amberjack. They were kind of picky at first, but once they started feeding, the bite was on. We released all the AJ's, but did keep a nice gaffer Dolphin that was lost. Justin was crazy about the swell, so we headed closer to the beach and ended up bottom fishing inside the inlet catching Croakers. It was an exciting trip.
Its tuna time

Its tuna time I finally get a Sunday off and one of my best friends, Tommy Beasley wants to go fishing for Dolphin. I couldn't say no, so off we go towards Diamond Shoals tower area but the swell was a little big, so I turned more to the north. We ended up somewhere below the point and set out. It wasn't long before I had two Dolphin hit and miss two rigs. I reset and kept trolling. After 30 or so minutes, two reels start peeling line. After 15 minutes, I had to put my pole in the rod holder and drive the boat, watching Tommy fight his fish. Finally my fish got off, but Tommy was still pulling. Well 2 1/2 hours go by and Tommy is wore out, so I take over. After another 2 1/2 hours, we finally put a gaff in the beast and the fight started again.  It beat the side of the boat, trashing about like a mad fish. Finally it ran out of gas and it was all we could  do to get it on the boat. Once we got it to the scales, it weighed 154 pounds. It was a lot of work, but a great memory.

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