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Outer Banks North Carolina Fishing Reports

In-Fisherman blues

In-Fisherman blues Monday night, Doug Stange from In-Fisherman magazine and his cameraman Dave Penning flew into Norfolk, Va to film Striper fishing with me for three days. They had planned on coming to the Outer Banks and fishing like they had done before, but due to warm water, we didn't have much of a season this year. I was very excited about the next three days since Monday was so good. Up early and on the water at 7AM, I headed to the spot I had caught fish the day before. Upon arrival, plenty of bait, but no fish. A few fish were caught that morning, but the talk on the radio is no fish. So, off we go looking. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I traveled over 100 miles each day looking, but only boated two sharks. I've never done so bad three days in a row. The talk was the fish moved up the bay to spawn. The only good note was they have caught fish with me the pasts several years,so I guess the law of averages caught up with me. They told me it happens to them eight or so times a year. Its either weather or the fish just turn off, but they don't always catch fish. I headed home Friday for a father/daughter dance that I couldn't miss and it made up for the bad days of fishing. Click on the thumbnail photo for a full view.
OK fishing

OK fishing Went out today with Russ & his wife Mary in search of Stripers. They fished with me last year and wacked the fish down on the OBX, but we are fishing out of Va. Beach. The bite was slow on Wednesday, but we did find the fish. Most all the fish were nice size with one in the high 30lb range. It started raining late in the afternoon, so we heaed to the dock and made plans for the next day. Thursday, the wind was blowing a little harder than expected. We made a short boat ride and headed back to the dock, to fish another day.
In the meat, finally

In the meat, finally

Well, I was off today with Jay, Eddie, and Ryan from South Carolina in search of some Stripers. I was a little leery of finding any after the sad experience I had a few days before. We decided to head south after a few reports of Bluefin tuna and maybe we would find some stripers. After setting the first line out and grabbing the second pole, Jay yelled out” You’re hung on the bottom”. I didn’t think so since I was in 65ft of water, but I made a turn and the line was still going out. I told Jay he was hung on a big fish and to keep cranking. After a long fight, he got the Bluefin tuna along the side of the boat. I’m guessing the tuna was around 250lbs and with a wiggle of its head, it was gone. We reset and hooked another one, but it was gone after a short fight. The rest of the day, the guys caught striper after striper trolling, then jigging for an hour or two, then back to trolling to finish off the day. What a great way to finish off the week.

Wide open fishing

Wide open fishing Out Monday scouting around at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and the Striper fishing was as hot as it gets. I starter trolling three double rigs and didn't go far before all three lines double over. After getting those rigs in with all having two fish on, I put up the trolling gear and broke out the spinning rod. For the next two hours, I jigged one fish after another. All these fish were 25 to high 30lb fish. You could tell some were full of roe(fish eggs) and ready to spawn. All fish were released. When I came in at lunch time, I took out my good friend Mike Fenton, and let him have some fun until the sun started gettin low, so we headed to the dock. It was the best Striper fishing I had ever seen in Va. Beach. If you ever need a nice motel to stay at in Va. Beach, check out the NewCastle motel.
No Stripers

No Stripers

We went for a long, 50 mile run to find no Stripers and only one whale that waved at us when we passed him to let us know that we were wasting our time. Headed to Va. Beach Monday to shoot some footage with the guys from In-Fisherman TV. The guys up there have been wacking them.


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