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Outer Banks North Carolina Fishing Reports

Deep drop fishing

Deep drop fishing Headed out Sunday morning with Lisa & crew after a late start because several people bailed at the last minute. We started our day pulling on a few Amberjacks. After I got their arms in shape for cranking, we headed off to the deep water. It was doubles and triples almost every drop. It was a mixed bag of Tilefish and nice size Sea Bass. While going from side to side putting bait on, a huge bull Dolphin showed up out of no where. I tossed him a bait and expected him to tear off, but he just stayed beside the boat waiting to be gaffed. Thats when the excitement started, trying to put a green Dolphin in the fish box. Seeing a lighting storm on the radar heading our way, plus having plenty of fish, we called it a day and headed to the dock.
Slow offshore day

Slow offshore day Headed out with Rich in search of some big Tuna and Dolphin, but almost struck out. I talk on the radio was slow and we tried hard, but only came up with one Tuna caught by Rich. We had numerous bites, but couldn\'t get the fish to the boat.
High school friends

High school friends I was out with Gary Dunston & friends for an evening trip to relax, catch a few fish, and talk about old times. The fishing was not the best, but the company was priceless. As you can see, Gary let the big one go.
Near shore trip on the OBX

Near shore trip on the OBX Headed offshore to some near shore wreck to do some bottom fishing with Bryan Russo and his buddy. It wasn't bad fishing , but not as fast as I like it. At our first stop, it was 15-20lb Amberjack. We did have a few runs that we lost and of course, felt like bigger fish.  Our next stop was in 250 ft for Tilefish. We did have a good catch, not a limit, but nice quality fish. We also had one Dolphin and missed another one. Another beautiful day on the water.
The sea gives up a piece of history

The sea gives up a piece of history

While walking the beach this morning, I came across an old shipwreck that had washed up overnight during the coldfront that move off the coast causing ruff surf. It was an old wooden bow section of a ship. You could see the metal hawse pipe still attached. Not much in the way of fishing lately, except for the offshore tuna bite. Soon I hope, the inshore fishing is going to pick up.


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