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Outer Banks North Carolina Fishing Reports

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Marc Kerns & i just got back from fishing the SKA King Mackerel championship in Biloxi,MS for a week. It was a long 1000 mile drive plus 40-80 mile run each day to fish, but what a blast. We caught so many fish each day, it got to be silly. More Cobia, Red Snapper, King Mackerel & others than I every catch on the OBX. The only drawback was the long boat ride, 40-80 miles each way, which caused us to burn a lot of fuel. We caught nice size kings all week but the two days of the tournament, they went into hiding for us. We did lose a fun nice kings, but that fishing. There is always next year.

Fishing still good offshore

Fishing still good offshore I had Steve K & Ken M out for a day of tuna fishing. As soon as I set the baits out we missed a wahoo that must have jumped six feet out of the water. Then we missed the first several tuna. This was not how I wanted to start the day off, but the guys settled down and fish started going in the boat. We ended up with a nice catch of tuna, dolphin, sea bass, and tilefish, plus a beautiful day on the water.
Missing photos

Missing photos Here are some missing photos from the past few weeks of trout fishing. There are also a few in the gallery. A big thanks to all the people who came out and fished. I especially enjoy the kids. They have a blast catching anything.

Trout Yes, we are still catching trout. They come in all sizes and a blast to catch.
Striper season

Striper season

It's not time yet ,but I am already booking a few dates and hoping we'll have a cold winter, so the fish will move down from the north this year. I did fish a few  trips out of Va. Beach last year and hope I don't have to return. The best dates around Christmas / New Years are going to gone soon, so if your interested, give me a call.  

The summer is winding down, but the fishing is still good. Trout in the sound, bluefish and spanish mackerel out the the inlet and kings, amberjack, tuna, dolphin, wahoo, billfish, tilefish, and sea bass offshore. Call if you want to go have some fun.


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