Well Chris and crew headed offshore on yet again, another windy day to find some tuna and Dolphin. I decided to run down the beach first to find some live bait to take with us just in case. Once we arrived to gulfstream, we had our first gaffer Dolphin on. Ben did a great job getting to the boat, despite being a little sea sick. Next it was Chris who fought a stud tuna, which he battled for a while before getting it to the boat. Next Rob pulled on a big Hammerhead shark that we released next to the boat. After trolling around for a few more unsuccessful hours, we headed inshore to look for something different. We made one stop and tossed a few of our live baits out. The Amberjack went crazy, busting the surface and 5 to 10 fish at a time chasing baits. After the guys had their fun with the Amberjack, we called it a day and headed to the dock. Thanks Rob, Chris, and Ben for dealing with not the best ever fishing conditions.