Well, I was off today with Jay, Eddie, and Ryan from South Carolina in search of some Stripers. I was a little leery of finding any after the sad experience I had a few days before. We decided to head south after a few reports of Bluefin tuna and maybe we would find some stripers. After setting the first line out and grabbing the second pole, Jay yelled out” You’re hung on the bottom”. I didn’t think so since I was in 65ft of water, but I made a turn and the line was still going out. I told Jay he was hung on a big fish and to keep cranking. After a long fight, he got the Bluefin tuna along the side of the boat. I’m guessing the tuna was around 250lbs and with a wiggle of its head, it was gone. We reset and hooked another one, but it was gone after a short fight. The rest of the day, the guys caught striper after striper trolling, then jigging for an hour or two, then back to trolling to finish off the day. What a great way to finish off the week.