After my last few fishing trips, I have lost a lot of my respect for the commercial trawl boat industry. Seeing two days in row of dead stripers floating in many areas just left me outraged, and to what these guys did to a fishery that has struggled the last few years here on the Outer Banks was just appalling. It seems anytime the NC Division of Marine Fisheries wants to close or reduced a fish catch in any fisheries, these are the first guys to complain. Now this year, the stripers show up in good numbers and they want to waste hundreds by culling small legal fish to keep a few bigger ones all in the name of a dollar. Sure it’s legal, but is it morally right, NO. So, after many people took photos and videos of the fish kill, NCDMF changed the rules to help slow the waste, but it’s not enough. Then NCDMF puts the blame only on one boat trawl boat and try to say the recreational fisherman kill just as many stripers. Yes I do cull fish, but mine swim away and if they don’t, I keep them. Ok, enough of being on my soap box.

The fishing trips have from poor to excellent. The half day trips are not as productive as a full day, because I am limited on time to look for fish. Stripers are always moving and not always biting. Some days, it’s an AM bite or a PM one and the next day it could be either, both or not at all, but that’s fishing. The weather has been a bit of a factor also. Sure I can fish on ruff days, but most clients won’t enjoy themselves, so I try to re-schedule them if possible for a great fishing experience. Thanks to everyone who’s been out and fished with me. I do have a few dates open, so call or email me for a day of fun.